The Bucket of Blood Back Cover

The Bucket of Blood Issue #1 OUT NOW!

Hell yeah! You’ve made it this far now you just need to click the BUY NOW! button everywhere on this page. Then prepare yourself to be immersed in the darkly-funny and thrilling world of the graphic novel “The Bucket of Blood” created by Paul Malott and illustrated by Kokin Kokambar.

This splatter-punk graphic novel transports you to a dystopian Detroit that’s hilariously ruled by the enigmatic Granny Schmif. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna guard your crotch & hold onto your butt cuz’ you’re in for a unique reading experience that seamlessly blends humor, action, and horror from the first boom. When you open this shit you’ll get some vivid dialogue and beautiful art that breathes life into the gritty cityscape, where danger lurks in every weird ass shadow.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the adventures of the two freelance spy protagonists Spish Sullivan & Joop Sweeny as they dive head first into nug-pounding suspense, jaw-dropping bloody twists, and intriguingly funny social commentary. With its intoxicating mix of dark humor and gripping storytelling, “The Bucket of Blood” will ensnare your brain, leaving you craving some god damned WhappleSauce! Get ready to surrender your shit to a world where power, control, and the consequences of unchecked authority take center stage. GRANNY SCHMIF 4 LIFE!

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